1. Exhibitions

CAN operates two exhibition spaces, and to support the exhibition activities of artists. More than ten exhibitions are held annually by the artists supported by CAN. 

* Exhibition Tour : CAN provides exhibition tours for elementary, middle and high school students in Seongbuk-gu. If reservation is made in advance, an explanation by a professional docent and a small workshop after the tour can be planned. 

2. Education Programs

Art Bus CANbus: Started in 2009, Art Bus CANbus provides an art-making experience with artists for the cultural development of children of underprivileged areas. It helps children who have no opportunity to experience culture and art with professional artists, to inspire positive thinking and creative self expression through the activity of art & creation for a certain period of time. 

Corporate Culture & Art Education: An art education for employees of companies gives an opportunity not only to raise their creative thinking ability but also to increase intimacy between team members and to relieve stress. Based on ample educational experience and network of artists, CAN provides a curriculum with various purposes and levels that companies require. 

— In 2012, with employees of Samsung D’Light 
— In 2012, with employees’ families of ByuckSan Engineering
— In 2013, Every Saturday Program with NHN
— In 2014 and 2015, for the staff and employees of Daeseung MLC World Cargo

3. International Exchange Residency

CAN is currently operating two artist residency programs, one in Seoul and one in Berlin. CAN issues regular open calls for application throughout the year.

Marymond House with CAN Foundation: Following 〈P.S. Berlin〉 and 〈Myeongryundong Studio〉, a new type of artist residency program,〈Marymond House with CAN Foundation〉, has been added to CAN. In 2018, ‘CAN foundation’ and ‘Marymond’, a lifestyle brand that focuses on design, product design, content, and community, collaborate to support emerging artists. Located in the northeast of Seoul, it provides a working space for six upcoming artists, without any career or educational barriers. All in all, this new project space provides six artists with mentor-mentee program, Open Studio, the environment to focus, exhibition, and other artist-supporting programs. 

Myeongnyundong Studio: With the help of a long-time sponsor, CAN leased the first floor of a multiplex housing at Jongro-gu to provide the space as a working studio for two artists every year. It consists of two studios, one of approx. 65 sq. m. and another of 35 sq. m. From 2017, CAN plans to select one experienced artist and one young artist as the artists in residence. By the end of the year, result exhibition of the resident artists is to be held and local residents will be invited.

Berlin Residency ZK/U: n order for young domestic artists to learn overseas visual arts and establish a local network, CAN concluded an MOU with KUNSTrePublik, a non profit art institution in Germany to provide an opportunity to stay in the ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) artist residency that is located in Mitte district in Berlin. In accordance with the features of ZK/U, that is operated under the banner of Urbanistik, namely the study of urban plan, CAN selects artists who are working with the themes of city, environment, community and communication. Art works pursued during the residency period are to be presented at and afterwards.  

4. Art Consulting

Based on their solid professionalism, CAN conducts art consulting projects in various cultural and art fields. 

*Public Art: Art works placed in the midst of an urban environment can transform it into a special place and allows the public to discover an extraordinary experience through art. CAN has continuously discovered the works of young and talented artists and suggested their works to companies and public institutions for their exhibition in public places.

  • — 2021년 부산 금정산 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 오유경)
  • — 2020년 서울 녹번 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 김경아)
  • — 2020년 서울 송파 파크센트럴 조형물 (참여작가: 오유경, 조규형)
  • — 2019년 부산 동래 명장 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 정혜련, 오유경)
  • — 2019년 서울 염창 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 김경아)
  • — 2019년 의정부 녹양역 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 조규형)
  • — 2018년 양주 신도시 2차 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 김경아)
  • — 2018년 하남 미사 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 서혜영)
  • — 2018년 인천 포레스트 카운티 조형물 (참여작가: 김경민)
  • — 2018년 용인 한숲시티 조형물 (참여작가: 도영준)
  • — 2018년 서울 아크로 리버뷰 조형물 (참여작가: 김경아)
  • — 2018년 김포 한강 신도시 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 서혜영)
  • — 2017년 오산 세교 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 조규형, 빠키)
  • — 2017년 광주 오포 4차 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 이용태)
  • — 2017년 용인 시민 체육 공원 조형물 (참여작가: 김경민, 서혜영)
  • — 2017년 남양주 다산 진건 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 오유경)
  • — 2016년 광주 광주역 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 빠키, 조규형)
  • — 2016년 서울 신촌 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 서혜영, 오유경)
  • — 2016년 서울 옥수 파크힐스 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 장준호)
  • — 2016년 서울 아크로 리버파크 조형물 (참여작가: 이상길, 장용선, 조규형)
  • — 2016년 서울 장교오피스 조형물 (참여작가: 뮌)
  • — 2015년 부산 화명동 이편한세상 조형물 (참여작가: 도영준)
  • — 2015년 서울 장교4지구 신한 L타워 조형물 (참여작가: MIOON)
  • — 2014년 서울 논현동 아크로힐스 조형물 (참여작가: 송준호)
  • — 2012년 서울 서교동 자이 조형물 (참여작가: MIOON)
  • — 2010년 동국제강 페럼타워 조형물 (참여작가: 박충흠,김보희,박승모) 외 다수

* Art Marketing: Understanding the value of a company brand and matching an appropriate work of art in its branding can create a great synergy in marketing. Through collaboration with architects and interior designers, CAN is also carrying out space branding and marketing projects.